Welcome to WEBEAS

Workshop of Experimental and Behavioral Economics of the Americas 

This online workshop series is a joint effort of economics faculty at Carleton University (Canada), George Mason University (US), Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México-ITAM (México), University of California Santa Cruz (US), Universidad del Pacífico (Perú) and Universidad del Rosario (Colombia). 

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 Organizing Committee

 Upcoming Seminars 

Jose Guerra (Universidad de los Andes)

Title:  "Anti-Social Norms" (joint with Leopoldo Fergusson and James Robinson). 

 Past Seminars 

Danila Serra (Texas A&M University)

Title:  "Information, Beliefs and Activism: An Experiment" (joint with Farzana Afridi, Ahana Basistha, and Amrita Dhillon). 

     Charles Noussair (University of Arizona)

Title:  "Emotions and Markets: Cause or Effect?" 

     Andrew Dustan (Vanderbilt University)

Title:  "Reduction in Belief Elicitation" (joint work with Kristine Koutout and Greg Leo). 

Timothy Cason (Purdue University)

Title: "Contingent Reasoning and Dynamic Public Goods Provision” (joint work with Evan Calford)

Marina Agranov (California Institute of Technology)

Title: "Information Aggregation on Networks: an Experimental Study"  (joint work with Ben Gillen and Dotan Persitz) 

Daniel Friedman (University of California, Santa Cruz and University of Essex)

Title:“Market mysteries, old, and new”   

Johanna Mollerstrom (George Mason University) 

Title:"Your place in the world: Relative income and global inequality"

Hernan Bejarano (Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economica) 

Title:"When the rich do (not) trust the (newly) rich: Experimental evidence on the effects of positive random shocks in the trust game"

Santiago Sautua (Universidad del Rosario) 

Title:“Emotional influence on information processing in decisions under uncertainty” 

Agne Kajackaite (WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Title:Breaking bad: Misfunctioning institutions erode good behavior

Yue Deng (George Mason University) 

Title:The Opioid Crisis and Secondary Markets: Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment” 

Kristian López Vargas (University of California, Santa Cruz) 

Title:Disentangling Risk Attitudes and Other-Regarding Preferences: Theory and Experiment” (Joint with Paul Feldman)

Mariana Blanco (Universidad del Rosario) 

Title:“How to make a criminal” (Joint with Dan Houser)

Mikhail Freer (University of Essex) 

Title:Collective Deliberation: Theory and Experiment(jointly with Edgar Castro and César Martinelli)

Lucas A. Rentschler (Utah State University)

Title:“Economics of Policing Incentives and Criminal Justice”

John Wooders (NYU Abu Dhabi)

Title: “Expertise, Gender, and Equilibrium Play” (joint work with Romain Gauriot and Lionel Page).

Axel Ockenfels (University of Cologne, Germany)

Title: "Why is the soft reserve auction so popular?"

Julia Seither (JILAEE & University of Rosario)

Title: "The Economics of Women’s Entrepreneurship" (joint work with Megan Lang)

Paul Feldman (Johns Hopkins University)

Title: "A Certainty Effect for Preference Reversals Under Risk: Experiment and Theory" (joint work with Paul J. Ferraro) 

Cesar Martinelli (George Mason University)

Title: "Career Incentives and Corruption: A Lab Experiment” (joint work with Naila Esandi)

     Isabel Trevino (University of Californa, San Diego)

     Title: “Uncovering Biases in Information Choice and its Use: The Role of Strategic Uncertainty” (joint work with Michal Szkup)


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